Friday, March 30, 2012

the song: Honey Trees-To Be With You
the location: A small town in East Texas
Shot via iphone. 

I like to spend spring afternoons sitting on the grass covered ground outside surrounded by my cousins. We normally have our stomachs filled with red popsicles and are laughing at something we saw or heard at school today. We all ride our bikes till we our out of breath and our hair is sweaty from the Texas heat. There is no other thing I would rather be doing then spending time with them. I can be one hundred percent myself and I can let the troubles and stress of the day fade away into the sunset. I am happy and content.

a tuesday in seattle

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A three hour drive listening to a cd mix I made my sister lingered in the background while everyone else was fast asleep. Water droplets than snow fell upon the large windshield. I watched the wipers go back and forth as the snow filled the outside of the car. thankfully upon our arrival the sky cleared and Seattle seemed like the perfect place to be. With a quick trip to the American Girl Doll store, for Ky and maybe for my sisters and mine own enjoyment, we were headed to lunch. We walked a lot in the cold air. and settled for a restaurant on the Sound that we knew served a warm cup of clam chowder. That cup of clam chowder was the perfect touch to our cold day. We than reembarked to the cold weather and walked the streets for some time. Even a 'Ride the Duck' passed and I was eager for summer to come so I could finally experience the life of a true tourist in Seattle. Shopping was practically the only thing left for us to do, and I obliged eagerly. The sun began to slowly set and we were off again back to the city where we all felt more familiar with. A stop for greasy mexican food warmed us all up again. then again we were all at my sisters house reflecting on the day we went to Seattle just to go to the American girl store. It was worth it.

oh hello.


I really have been missing my sweet little blog.
But seriously I have missed blogging A LOT.
So I'm sorta back!
I'm hoping for a little bit more activity around here.

So I thought I would create a little schedule for myself:

Monday>>Brittany Austin Photography- A little recap about the photos I took professionally!

Wednesday>> Instagram- you know pictures with cool filters



This schedule is sure to help me get back on track of recording my life.
Im excited to be back!

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