{plug in stereo free download}

Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm obsessed obsessed obsessed with music.
{all kinds too}
I feel bad for my girls M & S,
because they receive at least 2 texts a day about this song I found that is absolutely beautiful!
but they are troopers and enjoy my randomness.

I thought I would start sharing my favorite song finds with you, some free downloads, and music videos!!

I really love Plug In Stereo, this guy is so cool to his fans, its awesome!
oh and you cant mind he's so freakin cute!
go here,
for his remake on the Nora Jones classic, Sunrise,
& let your little heart melt!
{its under his band page tab}

{a pretty little liar, & some snow}

Im pretty thrilled today!
first it snowed
and second no school

why is snow so thrilling?
well i live in the good ole south, and it never ever ever snows!

8 am
11 am
So I must say officially Mondays are awesome, well not the wake up early and get back to the daily grind part, but the fact that Pretty Little Liars Is back on!
{they have some serious style, for real.}
and did I mention
MR. FitZ<3

{better than revenge}

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm just in la la la la love with flat boots.
They make me soooo happy!

On another point this is what i realized today
Some people, especially immature boys, ahhhmmm, can be rude, and cut you down for the way you look, or your personality, or maybe its them making fun of your hair, saying its umm green.
Well I have some advice for you and myself.
We need to take an initiative to become stronger women, to let silly little things not get to us.. It's the best advice ever..
I think holding my head high tomorrow is going to be almost better than revenge...


Monday, January 3, 2011

..resolution resolution resolution resolution..
wait, scratch that..
I'm doing a 2011 bucket list like The Daybook..
because seriously who can really keep those resolutions

1} Go brown, for a few months
2} See way to many movies with the best friends
3} Pick a college
4} oh & graduate!
5} go on a road trip to the Eastern US
6} Become a lot more focused on my photography
7} Say goodbye to old friends, & Hello to new ones
8} Send one person a text or a call about how great they are at least once a day, maybe week.
9} Learn how to make ummm steak!
10} wear red lipstick, and feel all glamourous
11} Dance the night away at prom!

Now its time to chill, drink my lovely SALTED CARMEL HOT CHOCOlate, from my bestie M.
goodness this girl knows me to well, i was like jumping up in down in the hallway, because she surprised me with it!

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