so many good things

Thursday, November 29, 2012

guess who got her apartment!
This girl!

So excited for the next four weeks so many exciting things!

My best friends comes home from BYU a A&M!
My sister and niece are coming and spending christmas with the family!
Fall 2012 semester ending!
moving to Idaho!

and this all happening while im working full time.
I feel so blessed and excited!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

thanksgiving came and went too fast.
it was a splendid time.
with too much food and too much laugher.

after dinner we went exploring and saw the most pretty sunset in the world.
it made my grateful for the life i have been so very blessed with.
I'm thankful for every second.

i cant write this without smiling

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So my sister is hands down my favorite person on this earth.
I know thats a drastic statement, but its so true. literally favorite person ever.
I think of my life and its not complete without her.
  -running through ikea and acting like its our home
  -that late night of watching the bachelor in your guest bedroom
  -crying together when we watched my sisters keeper
  -quick phone calls that turn into hours
  -embarrassing things at target
  -panini eating
  -shaking your booty
  -putting unnecessary things in your shopping carts
  -touching your chin
  -best beach day with the hottest sand ever
  -road tripping to washington
  -finding you on the side of your house eating beef jerky
  -summer water fights
  -lazy days with law and order
  -OCD cleaning days
  -that one time you waxed my eyebrows
  -that one time we drove home from seattle and sang If I Die Young the whole time

she taught me how to really laugh.
how to take life easily.
how to be strong.
how to be independent.
how to overcome awkwardness.
she taught me how it feels to have a true best friend.
because she truly is my best friend.
I'm beyond grateful to have been blessed with such an awesome sister.
Jenj you are the best and really deserve the best.
have a great birthday!
I cant wait to see you and laugh till we are in pain.

her name is arlene

Friday, November 9, 2012

Arlene is so sweet. And had been waiting patiently to get her photos done. but I hate waiting, so I bet she does too. so I invited her to do a shoot with me and lets just say it was awesome. and the wait was over for her & now she has beautiful images of herself that capture her.

I came to the conclusion after shooting her, that photography is truly my passion. its my lifeline to helping others see what i see. I want every person I photograph to look back on memories and moments and have those moments be beautiful and photography is the way towards that.

geez life is so beautiful. I'm forever grateful for the talent I have been granted.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yesterday night I was taking an online test. A two hour online test. That happens to be ridiculously hard and stuff. So anyway I was feeling pretty down. Bored. blahh. so during a moment of procrastination I look down at my phone and did a phone circle.. a few minutes on instagram, facebook, and then email. I was barely looking at me email when all of a sudden I see an email from CES. telling me a decision had been made concerning my application to BYU-Idaho. my heart stopped literally. I sat on my bed for a few seconds in disbelief, the thing I have been waiting for had finally arrived and all the hopes I had planned would be confirmed or denied. 
I open the link to the email, which follows by me putting in my information. I clicked confirm and waited for the page to load. That thirty-seconds of my life felt like hours while the page was loading, I imagined so many different outcomes. Would I be that 4% who did not get accepted. But alas the answer to my prayers appeared. 

Brittany Austin was accepted into BYU-Idaho. 
and the thing that struck me most was in my message is said,
"Rich blessings and life-changing opportunities await you here."

What a blessing. I literally cried tears of joy. Have I ever done that? 
My father in Heaven knew I desired to do something righteous and I asked & prayed for it and he helped it come true. I'm just overwhelmingly thankful. 

her name is claire

Monday, November 5, 2012

I couldn't help myself from blogging this photo shoot because it was hands down one of my favorites. We decided to be really adventurous and go to an abandoned cotton gin. It was overly creepy but all four of us girls sucked it up and were brave! The location was awesome, every corner we turned was like a breath of fresh air, it was like nothing I had ever seen. I'm thankful for Claire, her pretty face I love photographing, her spontaneous spirit, and listening to her intelligent sarcasm, it truly makes me laugh. It was the best of days.

pen pal

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Its really out of control how much I miss my family, especially my sister and niece. These girls get me. My sister is my rock and I cant describe how awful it feels to be thousands of miles apart. So we decided to become pen pals and send letters to one another because who doesn't love to receive happy mail! Kylie said that her letters were better than mine since she drew pictures and i did not. I guess I need to go buy myself a color box.

also notice how they call my Brittany MEOW Austin. they truly get me.

lend me your eyes

Thursday, November 1, 2012

i can change what you see

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