let it go

Monday, April 30, 2012

I am by no means perfect and have said I "hated," a number of people. But this weekend I realized how hating someone has no effect on them but has more effect on ourselves.I learned a lesson this weekend. I'm sure its something everyone faces in their lives. Its a lesson on how to act when we "hate" someone.
when we hate someone, we obsess about everything they say and do. Then we allow all of those things to affect us and then we put ourselves in a miserable mood. A miserable mood means we are angry towards the people around us and take it all out on them.
So how can we stop hating & being miserable....
simple. find something good in that person.
but the best way to stop hating is forgiving that person for whatever they did.
and forgetting it. and let it go.....live in the present and remember resentment is only hurting you, not them.

I wish I could have realized this years ago. Its so simple.

gav the cav turned one!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

In celebration of Gavin's birthday I wanted to make a list about why he is awesome.

he is so stinkin cute.
he has the cutest ears.
he knows how to sit.
he likes to look at particles in the air.
he likes me when my hair be looking cray.
he likes to bark at dogs on the tv. hilarious.
his girlfriend is a cutaaaah.
everyone loves him + and he loves everyone.

we would like to apologize for the bad hair & outfits.....

his plans

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I'm gonna be all serious today and discuss how my plan is not always what He has in store for me. I try to remember that God's plans are way better than my plans. Even if every part of me wants to move to Washington, its just not going to happen for me right now. This makes me sad...but then I wonder, I must be staying here another year for a certain reason. A reason that is unknown to me today but a reason that one day I will see.
I also wonder why do I want to move to Washington so badly. Of course my sister is there and the weather is dream like. I just need to step back and realize that the place I am in...a small college town, filled with people I don't know, is very amazing. I smile still, I laugh still, and that feeling makes me know that everything will be all right.  He has a great plan for me.

awkward things keep happening to me

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lets first discuss my Tuesday morning.
I'm running late for class.
A class that happens to be located right next to a pond my university has.
This pond has a TON of ducks, geese, & just gross scary things chilling around the shore.
So guess what. 
I made eye contact with one...
Harmless...I thought.
That was until it started chasing me.
Then all his buddies joined in & started chasing me.

then they caught me and started to stinkin bite me with their beaks. 
I could have died.
Lets just say that was awkward. 

& now I officially (highly) dislike geese type animals.
They suck.

Okay second awkward occurrence..
Someone accidentally spit on me.
and then while i was freaking out...
Saying, "Wipe that off me!"
They took their hand and wiped it all the way down my leg.
ya. thats not what i meant.
I was not a happy girl.

And finally third awkward thing..
The part that I am writing about both of those experiences on a public blog.

So the lessons learned this week.
Never look ducks in the eye. Ever.
If someone spits on you....Slap them upside their head.
And always post embarrassing things on your blog.

the end.

happy list

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A list of lovely things that make me happy:

A phone call from sister, and she meows at me. its how we talk to each other.

Niece now joining in on the 'meowing,'  its sorta the cutest thing ever.


freckles. every single one on everyone is beautiful.
niece is lucky and has one on her little toe. lucky kid.

Driving in a jam packed car, wiht best friends family. we were all laughing/singing, windows down, seventy degree air flowing in...& then glancing at her mom and seeing the sweetest smile across her face..it was precious.

listening to Kina Grannis and her angelic voice.

taking pictures with the absolute best light. I was screaming with joy...oh what my clients have to deal with when I take their photos.

Knowing that finals will soon be over and summer will be here.

A cold glass filled to the rim with ice and lemonade.

Hugs from your cousins.

conquering the french braid, im one proud chic. & my sister will be happy she no longer has to do them for me!

off days spent with my padre. he sorta loves his daughter!

colored jeans. that i dyed myself....

LIFE is just BEAUTIFUL. END of Story.

this is perfect

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I wish I had enough guts to do this to my own room.
I swear it would all be gone in a week though. hello I'm sorta OCD & everything in my room has to be perfect. I couldn't even do this in my closet. Maybe if I was living in a dorm room I would.....

But Nicole is at the perfect age for this magazine wall collage.
Its perfect for inspiration
Its perfect for covering bare walls & adding inspiration
Its just perfect!

We spent a full night a month ago cutting out pages of a magizine and decided then we would hang all that inspiration on Nicole's wall above her bed!
Yesterday we started the collage. It took, all day....and a lot of tape & tacks, time, and music playing, to get this completed.

By the end of hanging everything we started to maybe go a little crayyy beacuse we were calling each other 'dude,' and laughing histarically at nothing. lets just say our parental units were concerned.

lets talk easter weekend

Easter weekend was welcomed with a slumber party filled with A Midnight in Paris and 20/20 episodes. and that was just the start.

A Friday filled with a 196o circa inspired photo shoot. Then another photo shoot with the GORG Faith and all her freckles.

A Saturday slaving away at covering our whole backyard with sod (grass). Hard work. no joke. thank the lord for three willing teenage boys; who came and helped a sista out!

An evening filled with a huge BBQ at a family friends property in the middle of a forest. I was driving convertible, listening to Coldplay and Ravens & Chimes. Gavin even decided to join us and we walked around in the warm weather, hiding eggs from eager kiddos.
side note-confetti eggs were all destroyed before the kids could get them, i still have confetti in my hair.
A very redneck ride in a tractor bucket. I never laughed so hard.
Wearing HOTPink pants and having three people mock me to my face. I don't mind. they just don't know how much cooler I look then them.

A Midnight filled with Shel & Nicole watching Titanic in 3D. We might have busted out singing My Heart Will Go On- 4x on the way home...we are such 90's girls...or at least we wish.

A sunday morning filled with a beautiful church service & a relaxing night with my close family. we all watched My Girl then had pie; good night.

title not needed

Monday, April 2, 2012

things I would rather do then homework:

stalk people on facebook I have never met
answer emails
read the dictionary
reread the dictionary

I have a terrible case of procrastination right now.
all I can think about is how much funner blogging is and how much better sleep sounds than writing papers. 

4 more weeks brittany
4 more weeks.

almost summer

We started the glorious month of April with a day at the lake. It was a hot 88 degrees but the weather was hard to feel when your going thirty mph and feeling cold droplets of lake water land upon your skin. I tried to take in as much of the sun as possible and we sang to our hearts content at cheesy pop music. I even jumped in the water like a cray cray person. It was cold but one hundred percent worth it.  It was such a fun day & it brought about a hope that summer is so close and that I only have four weeks of school left. I have a feeling that this is a great start to an almost summer!

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