Hi kidds, its been a while

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


This past month my life has changed drastically. Like think night to day. Ya, that crazy man.
My dreams of being this fearless College student in a new city, completely changed.
And to be honest I went crying to my daddy. Who had no objection to my persistent request to return to the nest.
So I am home.
I am sorta mad at myself.
I don't ever get to see my beautiful sisters face daily.
We don't get to chat about everything daily.
No more lunch dates downtown.
No more redecorating.
No more beautiful french braids.
But I am content with the life I now have here.
I have my bestest friend ten minutes away.
And my other best friend is only hours away. I think I will get used to road trips.

Along with my big move back to Texas, I am now attending a University not to far from my house.
I am so proud to say that I, B, am attending a University.
I still live at home, so I am having a hard time meeting people.
But I really love my Major, and all, yes all, of my professors are awesome.
Did I mention my campus is so pretty? I seriously cant wait to have some time to capture some pictures of it.
It has such a vintage and clean look.
I love how everyone walks around in a bustle and is carrying their over the shoulder satchels.
I love just people watching on my long walks from class to class.
It sure passes the time away.
It is all surreal. I love it.

Oh and I finally have internet! I cant wait to catch up on here!
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