I heart these shoes, like seriously.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012



About Outfit: 
I wear shoes like this all the time. HA! Actually I don't. I wear stilettos, and thats the end of the story. or maybe I just wear flats. the end.

shoes:UO. Jeans: Pac Sun. Jean Shirt: Madewell. Glasses:UO

Do you know what else is awkward? My New favorite blog, Awkward Girls.
Serious there girls are a replica of me and my bestie. So I might be in love.
They did a little challenge so I joined in!!! 

Awkward Girls

lets wear blazers

Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Nicole + I wore matching jeans and blazers.
Well technically they were both my blazers, but she looked so cute, rocking it oversized style! (skinny mini)

For some strange reason, the grass here turned orange.

I went to the grocery store and ran into my BEST friends mom, made my day.

Ate G-Ma's warm chili. along with fritos + cheese. (sounded good while eating..now barfff)

Listened to thunder and watched lightning. 

Had a very strange, yet brilliantly wonderful conversation, with the beautiful, Shel.

Became even more obsessed with Zooey Deschanel. Didn't think that was possible.

& to top thisssss I have The Bachelor + New Girl waiting for me on the DVR. 

shortayyyy got red pants!


Watching the show New Girl + realizing I'm sorta just like her.
too bad I don't have zooey's vocal chords.

Singing to songs with my cute cousin. 
And converting her to Indie + Singer/Songwriter music!

Her red pants. she's cooler than everyone else.

Matte Nail polish.

Shopping with my G-MA! she's thaaaa bomb.com.

rain. rain. rain. 

Tunes & Spoons, little baby girl! 
(I get too excited when bloggers have children)

Wearing pretty earrings.

Spending time with my mom. 

Eating In&Out.YES!


Friday, January 20, 2012

I like to make up nicknames for the people I love.
Mostly I will call them the first letter of their name. Or something like seriously cray cray!
With my grandmother the nicknames are endless. 

You have Grandma. boring....

grahams....which is what all my siblings & myself call her.

G.. however this one confuses me...cause my perros name is sorta G, too.

G to thaaaa ma... ya I enjoy this one.

G-MA... I HIGHLY enjoy this one!

SO after I finished class yesterday I decided to take a stroll down to her house.
We sat and chatted...or she chatted.
She told me funny stories.
especially ones about my dad....

She truly is an awesomely, stubborn, full Irish, opinionated, caring, warm, surgery having, serious, sugar cookie making grandma, or G-MA. Whatever you prefer.

I really enjoying spending my free time with her.
because all we have left is time.


anthropologie nob. $ 10.50

My dad graciously accepted my persistent request to construct a replica of a PB teen vanity.
While the one from there has holes in each side to hold hair straighteners & blow dryers.
I preferred to keep the look more simple.
I love vanities. LIKE LOVE! 
total saving's for DIY, around $150.00 (compared to PB teens vanity)

watching the sunset go down.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I was extremely awkward today.
I had three cuties...so far.
Watched the sunset.
Missed the northwest.
Redesigned the blog.

comfy sweater

It was raining.
We were freezing.
But we had to do a photoshoot!
I love her sweater...which might also be mine!

to follow the Awkward Girls blog go here!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

laughing till your stomach hurts.
walking downtown.
saltlie carmel ice cream in the Pearl. yum.
My sister & brother in law are Bachelor virgins, no more.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ikea cinnamon rolls
Jason Mraz's new single. love.
Huluing (is that a word?) Pretty Little Liars & the Bachelor.
The purchase of two blue pants. One for ky and for my sis.

look closely

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

vintage gum ball machine found for 10$. 
ikea ice cream.
red pants.
time with the sister.

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