2012 in review

Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 was a year of learning and growing. it is my last year of my teens and i could feel it. 

2012 was the year i learned to work for a dollar.
2012 was the year i learned how to truly forgive those who hurt us.
2012 was the year i learned to laugh at yourself.
2012 was the year i learned of my obsession with gingers w/ beards.
2012 was the year i learned to enjoy the silence and calm.
2012 was the year i learned to squeeze family & friends.
2012 was the year i learned to make make new friends. 
2012 was the year i learned photography made me different.
2012 was the year i learned that you can love again. 
2012 was the year i learned to listen to good music.
2012 was the year i learned to take risk. to jump then fall.
2012 was the year i learned a lot.
i'm thankful for this year. 

2013 you will be a year of many changes for me.
bring it guuurl.

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my oh my

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm thankful these littles were up to running around in the cold so I could feed my passion.
I am definitely getting prints of these images because they are hands down some of my favorites.
also I should say my ginger obsession is pretty out of control since this shoot. I mean, that hair.

a girl can wish

Friday, December 7, 2012

click on the numbers to take you to the link 

1- This Iphone alarm clock would make getting up on early morning that much more simplistic. 
2- Walking to church in Idaho is going to be quite frigid, keeping my legs warm would be perfect.
3- Now I know this is sort of ridiculous but a girl can wish for the lightest mac ever right. ha joke.
4- I have longed for a record player these last months, the music has such a different texture, like cake.
5- This is my main wish for christmas. black matte in a size ten, please. like pretty pretty please.
6- A jewl stand or a tree whichever you want to call this would be perfect in my apartment. 
7- cat studded earrings would complete my life. 
8- I love Kate Spade's Twirl perfume. I would probably do a lot of spinning when wearing it.
9- This map is also very stylish and would probably help me find my way to washington & Texas.
10- A floral Iphone case is perfect for when I'm feeling ultra girly and sweet.
11- I have too many of these skirts and I wear them too much because they are my absolute favorite. 
12- Everybody knows my infatuation with cats is getting out of hand and this cover would confirm that.
13- The very last one is my most favorite and would probably die on the ground if i ever had an assortment of vintage cameras. literally dead on ground.- no link for this one-try antique stores.

I'm one of those people. those people who does not look forward to receiving presents on christmas.
Does that make me a terribly awful person? I think not. I just call it picky.
So for the sake of my sweet family I created a very large list of things that are on my wish list.

something sweet

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I think the best times i have in my life our spent with my family. and some of my favorites have been spent with my cousin Lea. we may be nearly a decade a part in age but know body can tell us that when we are together. she is someone who is on my side in any situation someone who is always making me laugh louder than necessary and there to listen to me. I heart her so very much and thankful that she is in my family and that she only lives half a mile away. I just want to squeeze her and tell her how much she means to me. she has no idea.
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