its strange..

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

College is a strange, funny, cute, awful, amazing thing. It is strange how much I have grown to love Rexburg, Idaho. She has become a bitter sweet home for me. I think about the times I have had over the past year or so and could start crying. It has really been the biggest growing and learning experience ever. I have come to love my future career and talents. Come to love so many amazing people and am so genuinely happy for them and their bright and beautiful futures. I think back and really know that the good times far over weigh the times I was struggling. I know that I can never count all the ways it has changed me. But everyday I have a greater appreciation for friendship, family, love and learning. And its all because of my choice to move to this little town and go to BYU-Idaho. Its so bitter sweet to leave this place for about a year why I go and work for my trip to Europe but I know that this separation is for a good purpose and being gone will only bring me a greater appreciation. I truly will miss all my relationships I have built here and my little room in 114. But I'll be back for one more amazing semester Rexy, don't even worry. 

Logan, UT

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Idaho logan temple

I am all about stopping on road trips. It is so interesting to me to see places I would never see if I just stayed on the highway. So after a trip to Utah to see my best friend. I was traveling back and decided to stop and go visit the Logan temple. Seriously it blew my mind how beautiful it was. It also began snowing pretty hard and even though I felt worried about getting home, I looked around and was astonished by the world around me. It was so perfectly breathtaking. 
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