{photography} blake & lea

Sunday, November 28, 2010

You guy's, I got my new camera! It's the best thing ever, I just cant believe how awesome these shots look of my cousins. Lea and Blake are so darn cute, and a bunch of fun to be around! I'm thinking about printing some out and framing them, then surprising my aunt for christmas, okay I think I'm going to do it!
I hope everyone had an awesome thanksgiving! For me it was a day filled with dayquil, tissue boxes, pillows, blankets, and reruns of law and order. I had the flue {incase you couldn't guess} Oh and a fractured ankle! Boy it was grand, at least I have an awesome family that brought me lots of yummy thanksgiving food, made me fill lots better!

love B

upp upp and away

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

thank my iphone for that editing.. Oh and I promise these pictures will get better soon after I can save enough for my pro Camera!

{Blouse: Nordstroms}
{Pantalones: AE}
{Boots: Kohls}
{Hippie Hair, braid included: me!}

My new obsession is taking pictures of my outfits! For real is that crazy? I hope not, because it's so fun for me! Alright I'm feeling great, I had an absolute great day, partly because I spent ninety five percent of it laughing! Goodness all I can say is I'm sure going to miss my high school friends when we all go off to different colleges. {depression} It scares me how fast my first part of my life has gone by. anywhooooo the best part of this week is for sure thanksgiving, heck yes! green-bean casssssssssssssarole!
Oh can you believe it was 80 degrees where I reside today! It's November last time I checked, so I'm in need of some lovely coat and scarf wearing weather, alright, thanks!

love B

happy birthday, hermana

Saturday, November 20, 2010

{jen & me}

{this just shows how great she is}

There is always that one person you look up to, this girl, is my hermana, Jen! Today is her birthday, I so wish I could be there, we would laugh about her slightly high age, and giggle about just nonsense! She sure has made me realize a lot in life and helped become a more happy person! She taught me how to look fabulous and to be positive, isn't she great! Oh and she is like the coolest mom ever, and the craziest! So Jen if you are reading this, I hope you have a lovely day, especially since you totally deserve it. I miss you way toooooo much!

love B.

sunshine, oh sunshine

Friday, November 19, 2010

{Pants: F21}
{Top: Aerie}
{Cardigan: Old Navy}
{Belt: F21}

Another outfit post! So I accidentally waited till too late to do my pictures, but I'm pretty sure you can get the gist of the outfit! It seriously was so comfy, and those black boots which you can hardly see in any of my pictures are the best! My day has been so awesome, most likely because its Friday. {inside I'm squealing, because I'm seriously in love with fridays} The plans for the weekend consist of spending some quality time with my Madre, which includes searching every JCP for my bowler bag! I will also force her to get yummy gelato with me, and I'm only praying they have some wonderful pumpkin flavor! And maybe I will fit in an application to Washington State University, just because thats the college my sister wants me to go to the most and because it's her birthday tomorrow! I'm going to do a post about her and make her blush, because she's just so wonderful!

Stay tuned loveliesss

lovely pj's


young, wild, and sweet

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is it silly that I get super gitty when I get a comment? It makes my day, so thanks! Anyway's, In the next few days I'm going to be posting a few ways to style your little black dress! First up darlings is {girly} I just love all of it, and those shoes are absolutely wonderful! And trust me, the black polish is just awesome, and who doesn't love Chanel!
So I recently found the blog clothed much, its great, and the girl has some serious style! She posted about a bowler bag, in which I have been searching for! Its great, and now its for sure on my wish list, and it's a good price, compared to most of the bowler bags I've seen! So I'm like super thrilled about this!
Have yourself a lovely day darlings.

hi there beautiful dresses

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello beautiful dresses, you are wonderful, and may I mention modest! So I thought this post would be a good time to mention, modesty is super important to me!
thank you God, for shabbyapple.com & anthropology
{they have the cutest dresses}
But girls I really need to find like a mustard color one?? anybody know where I can find one?

have yourself a lovely tuesday!My plan is to learn how and make pumpkin cupcakes!
those are going to be wonderful!

<3 B.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

So officially i had one of the most distracting week, filled with lots of lovely stuff, and some bad {tornado}. so i never really got around to blogging, or even school work, but hey i happens for real! so here are the distractions:

sprinkles cupcakes,
a random and wonderfully funny conversation with my sister who is 2,000 miles away,
seeing a tornado, destroy the building right across the street from where i was, no joke!
getting a free buffet to cici's pizza, no joke either
lovely shopping at F21, for pok-a-dot tights!
black boots from the padre
my mom freaking out about a rose, yes a rose..
pumpkin jam, what the heck!
and at church we were reminded just to smile, no matter what!!!

stay tuned darlingsss

pumpkin scented candles are lovely

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm back, in case you were wondering, no internet for approximately 45 hours!!!
Anyways first I have to admit I feel really silly about this post, because I really I have no clue what I'm doing with fashion, I normally look back at some of my outfit choices and snicker at myself! But i really love this outfit! & those shoes are the best thing thats ever happened to my wardrobe. But you can never, never, never, never ever go wrong with a simple navy pencil skirt, {fabulous} heels, and a leather jacket! Have a lovely day!

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