{Photography} Jennifer & Kylie

Monday, December 27, 2010

Say hello to my beautiful and amazing sister, Jennifer. And her little, Kylie.
These two are my best friends, and when we get around each other, we be
"wipping our hair back and forth way to much!"
We did some 'Family' Christmas photos, without the lovely Tyler boys.
I think they turned out so cute, enjoy!

{merry merry merry christmas}

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Here are some pictures of christmas morning at my lovely sisters house!
{the morning included}
crepes for breakfast
smiles and tears, yes tears apparently blowing your nose when your 4 really hurts, poor thing is super sick
lots of pink stuff, including baby dolls and a baby bed
a new computer for the nephew
my sister spending the last forty eight hours in the kitchen
my dad getting me the wrong adobe photoshop, its the movie editor one.
and the last time i checked im a photographer
he blames the guy at best buy!
LOTS OF LONG SOCKS for my boots:)
cute WSU gear
a lovely necklace from me for my sis/best friend
and a lovely frame from my sister
now off to another sister's Inlaws party!

my sisters family at last nights christmas party
ps. going to your sister's inlaws christmas party is ummm super awkward!
thank god for iphones

lots of love<3
Have a Merry Christmas, and don't forget to remember the true meaning, Jesus's birth!

oh kylie

Friday, December 24, 2010

I like to call her ky though. She's my lovely little niece. She has the cutest personality for a four year old too. Oh and she has some crazy good fashion since, for reals. So I asked her some questions....

What's you favorite thing to do?
play, put the cherries on the tree

Who do you like to play with?
{her brother}

Favorite pair of shoes?
lellie kellies

Favorite hairstyle?
then she said, "I love my hair because its beautiful"
{wow she's definetly my sisters daughter}

Whats your favorite teddy bear?
his name is monkey bear, he sounds like a monkey, huh?

Whats your favorite thing about christmas?
gettin toys

Favorite movie?

at this time she told me i was acting like her dance class teacher, by asking her all these questions

Favorite food?
cheese crackers

Who's better, mommy or daddy?
for sure mommy!

i love her<3
photo by me

{photography Miss Emily}

Emily is what I would have to refer to as a workaholic, yes she's only a mere eighteen and already a workaholic, thats good though, some of us teens our quite ummm lazzzzzy, and she's the super opposite.
{she's miss hyper}
I'm glad I could find a place in her packed schedule to photograph her. She is just about the most down to earth and lovely person ever. She really has some crazy fashion though, just think zebra print, polk a dots, and sparkle. Alot different than my bohemian and contempary style. Once you put the fashion differences aside, I love her, just love her!

just a little FYI, she's lets say around 7 feet tall, well actually 5' 10''
but it sure felt like she was,
oh and she has a bunny named


{Photography} Mathew Kiddos

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Mathew Family is awesome, they are like a beam of sunshine.
And their kiddos are super adorable.
Blonde & Blue Eyes!

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