Making it look all snazzy

Thursday, September 8, 2011



My room was completed this weekend & I finally got to make the place look all snazzy!
I put up a beautiful collage of photos and prints together, thats what I consider snazzy, y'all.
I bought all of the frames at IKEA!
because they are good and cheap!

{Heres the breakdown}
#1. Photograph I took of Downtown Portland.
#2. Photograph I took of my HOTTAY of a niece, KY!
#3. Photograph I took of G, or gavin.
#4. Paris Print from Target!
#5. A photography I took of L & C!
#6. Print found online...I might of sorta stole it, but hey its inspiring
#7. Keep Calm & Carry On, I got at Target!

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