Jennifer & Her Violin

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

IMG_6978 IMG_6955 IMG_6995 IMG_6975 IMG_6964 IMG_6947 IMG_6938 IMG_6910 IMG_6897 IMG_6883 IMG_6875 IMG_6873 IMG_6871 IMG_6864 IMG_6845 IMG_6825 - Version 2 IMG_6752 IMG_6788 IMG_6783 IMG_6768 IMG_6739 IMG_6729 IMG_6720 IMG_6707 IMG_6676
It was so lovely getting to meet Jennifer and listen to her play while I took some senior photos for her. Can I seriously get a violinist to play at every photo shoot I do? It was a truly beautiful night in Idaho and the sunset was one to remember. I love these images so much!


  1. Um seriously GORGEOUS! can we please get together sometime and take some blog pics? I would die for some of your talent on my blog. :)

    1. That is so sweet! Yes I would seriously love to do photos of your perfect self! Are you in UT still? Come to ID and lets get together!!


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