Monday, June 27, 2016


My taste in music as I have gotten a little bit older is a strange mixture of R&B and country music (what?). Trust me acoustic covers are still my love language but their is something about the summer that makes me like something a little bit more upbeat. You can listen to my current playlist here. And it should be noted that my favorite currently is called You & Me by Marc E. Bassy & G-Eazy. so there is that. 

I caved and got a Hulu+ account so that Mindy and I could be reunited. The Mindy Project is a very niche type of humor and it gets me and I get it and we are pretty happy together. 

I am currently eyeing this baseball cap for my upcoming trip to Chicago.  

Again as I age these light bulbs go off in my head that wow to feel good I need to be eating good (damn it). So this summer I have said goodbye to all things Dairy. And yes I have become one of those annoying people who won't shut up about it. However I'm on week 3 and have already seen results i.e. my face. 
So currently I am loving loving loving homemade popsicles because healthy and its basically ice cream (or thats what I'll continue to tell myself)! 

Loving my free time. It is this strange thing. When I was in school there was always something to be doing. Whether it was homework, building my portfolio, or/and trying to get gigs. It's nice to have time to do things I never thought of before like trying to get healthy and learning how to cook. (I'm boring now too)

All the denim. Light blue hues and white white white. Also no one has seen me without a baseball hat all summer and thats the way it should always be. 


At my dogs borderline Boudoir shoot as seen above. 

One word...Chicago. I love going to new places and this is my first real real adult trip with friends and I am giddy with excitement.  

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