hello july

Friday, July 1, 2011



Cold summer nights, more like freezing.
Laughter at the dinner table.
dog walks.
adults swinging on swings.
yogortville with two fun kiddos, who like to meow?.
downloading new music that makes you want to dance.
straightening hair for the first time in a month.
I'm hoping that waiting along time with straightening my hair
will make me believe it has grown, and dang it worked.
Being sad that Dia didn't win the Voice, what a bummer.
Sister and brother inlaw came home from Mexico,
so I gladly let them take over the parenting again.
Jen and her random attacks.
Brother in law, awkwardly turning off TV,
so that all the "Kids" would leave the room,
so him and Jen could have alone time, priceless moment.
perfect sunsets.
booking tickets to go to Texas, yes I already miss that place.
texting old friends.
being the only one awake in a house of six, oh the quietness.
purple flowers, and delicate roses.
making plans for my visit home, which will only be seven days.
sitting here typing this with ky,
who is just chilling eating chocolate rice crispies.
dang she's lucky.

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