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Friday, September 16, 2011



Oh so did you guys know that college leaves you BROKE!
I really have found that being broke is not as awesome at the homeless make it seem.
I'm like one of those starving artist..haa dang ive always wanted to say that.

I would kill for a night that does not include reading 100 pages.
I find that my mind can concentrate for hours reading other peoples blogs and stuff.
But heck no, my brain will not concentrate on a book lovingly called "Writing about Writing," I think this book is most definitely used as a torture devise. 
However most of my nights are spent hanging outside with my S & L.
We act like we are 12, and maybe prank call their crushes. 
I am like the PRO of prank calls. 
I can control myself so well. While everyone else in HYPERVENTILATING!
I should like get paid for how good I am, or like someone could buy me limeade..
Either would work..

Tonight the plan is to go support my other younger BEST FRIEND!
She is going for homecoming queen!
I cant wait to see how gorgeous she is gonna look!

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