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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

IMG_4574 IMG_4582 - Version 2 IMG_4593 IMG_4814 IMG_4978 IMG_4962 IMG_4937 IMG_4881 IMG_4626 IMG_4614 IMG_5071 IMG_4680 IMG_4676 IMG_4986 IMG_4941 IMG_4950 IMG_4899 IMG_4843 IMG_4853 IMG_4891 IMG_4897 IMG_4957 IMG_5088 IMG_5006 IMG_4995 IMG_4711 IMG_4719 IMG_4747 IMG_4754 IMG_4966 IMG_5239 IMG_5314 IMG_5404

I could of shared 100 photos from this wedding but I'm sticking to my very favorites that we took right after these two said, "I will." Knowing Cheyenne I may have happy cried while editing these photos, but truly it was a perfect day and I feel so blessed to have been able capture their day.

PS my favorite moment has got to be when they walked out of their little church, all the heart eyes you guys, all the heart eyes.

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